to catch and hold water
  • flexible and tough
  • easily clips around the pipe
  • for use with 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 22mm pipe sizes
  • holds approx 1.4 litres of water
  • flexible enough to go under floorboards
  • unclips easily when ready to empty
  • 2 colours to choose from
  • use with vertical or horizontal pipes
  • size 250mm x 223mm x 73mm

Frequently Asked Questions

Q ~ we would like to stock the plumbtub, who is the distributer
   A ~ contact todays tools limited 01782 566300

Q ~ I would like to buy more than 10
   A ~ please phone to discuss the order

Q ~ will the plumbtub drain a whole radiator
   A ~ the plumbtub will hold approx 1.4litres of water and even small radiators hold more water than that. Therefore you will need to stop the water flow during the drain down to empty the plumbtub, then re-attach it and carry on

Q ~ is the seal completely watertight
   A ~ it has been designed to deal with many variations in pipe condition and does very well in most situations

Q ~ if it deforms to fit into a space will it spring back
   A ~ yes, the plastic has a good memory and will return to its original shape, however prolonged deformity may result in loss of shape

Q ~ how sturdy is the tub when full of water
   A ~ even though it is flexible it still retains its shape enough to carry when fairly full of water.

We are continually developing our products and all feedback is useful to us, please let us know your thoughts about the plumbtub.

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